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If it makes you move your ass, it’s funk, explained many years ago George Clinton, leader of Funkadelic.

Since 2006 is on air on all devices that access the internet (pc, ipod, ipad, smartphone) the project of diffusion of funk culture, with Radio Contact Italy.

It’s the project of two "oldschool" djs, of the so-called "old school".

Why not share your own experience in music of a lifetime and current in an endless soundtrack

The djs Klem Lamberti and Gianpiero Fatica, after years of music, starting from the first Italian private radio stations and having "heard" and "played" of all colors for over 30 years in clubs, in tourist villages in Italy and abroad, following many corporate events and managing as many luxury weddings, marry the "Radio Contact Italy" project.

It’s a daily drug for feelings and emotions in music. Without advertising interruptions, the soundtrack of funk groove from the late '60s to all the '90s and in the music that still today, in the samples, in the covers of historical hits, and in the rhythmic and melodic structure, refers to funk.

So much so that today in the current dance music the vein "Funky House", or the search for a danceable groove sound not only rhythmic but also melodic, boasts hundreds of thousands of fans around the world.Over 30 years of continuous musical invasion in radio and clubs all over the world, where the local tracks were consumed by dancing the sound of groups and artists whose records were bought with eyes closed.

Radio Contact Italy completes the project and offers, always free and easily accessible on all devices, from the Radio Contact Italy  , 3 stations that base the bases and the rhythmic and melodic structure from Funk Soul Disco: The history of dance music.Chillout Zone: The best lounge sounds and relax .ClassicHouse Music: The history of house music and the most beautiful and danceable deep music of recent years and also current.In conclusion: Radio Contact Italy is a catalyst of "good vibrations" where our old and new followers can tune in and enjoy the right soundtracks, suitable for every moment of the day Every   day and every night our three radio stations are revitalized with new and sought after music playlists.So we can say.Radio Contact Italy, the Funk Radio!


The Channel linked to this page is a service of the provider (license holder) All copyright and broadcasting rights are paid by LAUT.FM for information on the site

The Play Lists on this platform are created and edited by

Djs Klem Lamberti & Gianpiero Fatica.

​In addition our music service, we can provide you with a great range of audio and lightening systems as well as special effects and you can count on a professional staff that can take care of the scheduling of the appointments and the management of the event and that on the selected day will stay as long as you desire. Our staff is made of entertainers, singers, pianists, dancers and vocalists to make it your party even more unique.



Furthermore, we organize special events on boats and in the open spaces.
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