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Funky Radio Contact Italy is a LAUT.FM channel that offers its programming in digital form through the Internet, on the telematic network, being accessible with any tool that can access the network.
The audio of the broadcasts can be heard automatically by accessing the pages of the site, but it is also present on the major channel aggregators on the internet. Radio Contact Italy is a thematic channel that allows you to listen to 3 different types of music (Funky / Disco / Soul, Chillout and House Music)

with weekly updated and remodeled playlists.
History: Radio Contact Italy was born in 2006 from an intuition of the DJ and speaker Klem Lamberti, who designs a cultural diffusion service of funky, disco and soul music for  experts (worldwide) and for new generations of fans. The schedule is immediately oriented towards the many popular funk and disco hits of the 70s and 80s, but also towards rare grooves and gems of soul music and rhytm and blues, experienced and collected over years of professional activity.
Radio Contact Italy has, as a platform, a multiple direction managed by collaborators who have alternated over the years to enhance its musical dynamics.
Evolution: the freedom of not having to submit to commercial dynamics, allows to offer an uninterrupted and coherent musical flow.
Since 2008 the project has been implemented and stabilized by adding, within the site
Radio Contact Italy, two other LAUT.FM channels: Chillout Zone and Classic House Music.
To share the project of diffusion of the complementary sound to the roots of dance music "funk soul and disco", adding Chillout and House Music, comes the DJ Gianpiero Fatica, art director of the event organization agency "Romadjpianobar". Radio Contact Italy defines a musical offer designed to allow, from a single access, the experience of emotional atmospheres valid at all times of day and night, both as an accompaniment and background, and as a soundtrack with the hits that, in the world, have marked the history of dance music.
From the home page By clicking on the play you connect to LAUT.FM
 and continuously listen to funky, soul and discomusic
on the following pages relaxing music, chillout and lounge, and finally the theme of the third LAUT.FM Channel, offers classics of house music.




The Channel linked to this page is a service of the provider (license holder) All copyright and broadcasting rights are paid by LAUT.FM for information on the site

The Play Lists on this platform are created and edited by

Djs Klem Lamberti & Gianpiero Fatica.

​In addition our music service, we can provide you with a great range of audio and lightening systems as well as special effects and you can count on a professional staff that can take care of the scheduling of the appointments and the management of the event and that on the selected day will stay as long as you desire. Our staff is made of entertainers, singers, pianists, dancers and vocalists to make it your party even more unique.



Furthermore, we organize special events on boats and in the open spaces.
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